accreditation says it all!

National Commission for the Accreditation
Special Education Services

NCASES was established in response to a need for private special education providers to have an accreditation process that uniquely addresses their programs and the populations they serve. NCASES provides an accreditation process that effectively and systematically evaluates private special education programs. It is an accreditation process that welcomes diversity and recognizes the importance of evaluating services to meet the needs of the populations served. NCASES believes that a process which encourages diversity of educational practice and innovation will assure that students in private special education settings are provided environments that are healthy, safe, comfortable and conducive to learning.

Why Seek Accreditation?

To give your families an
assurance of quality.

To reinforce your program's
mission and goals.

To strengthen your standards
for best practices.

 To gain support from foundations 
and the community.

To achieve peer reviewed
recognition for excellence.

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