How to install the app

How to install the app depends on the make of your phone. If the scanner app you are using does not open the app in the browser on the phone, tap options (Android) or the send/save button (iPhone) and select "open in browser." Then,

  • iPhone

With the app open on the phone, just touch the share box with arrow at the bottom of the screen and confirm “Add to Homescreen.”

Note for iOS7: To ensure proper operation of your app, make sure that you have installed the latest updates to the iOS7 operating system.

  • Android

Another easy way to keep the app on your phone is to BOOKMARK it while viewing the app. Then, while viewing the app, tap the "More" or "Options" menu (three dots) and select “Shortcut.” On older Android, select "Bookmark" and then, in the “Save to” drop down menu, select Homescreen.

  • Blackberry

On Blackberry, with the app open in the browser, hit the menu or "More" button (looks like a group of dots), then click on "add to home screen."

  • Windows Phone

With the app open on the screen, tap More Options (three dots) and then select "Pin to Start."