UMBC's Behavioral Risk Assessment and Consultation Team assists faculty, staff and students address situations where a person is displaying disruptive or threatening behavior. The Behavioral Risk Assessment and Consultation Team is an interdisciplinary team that examines reports of such behavior to assess and identify persons whose behaviors may endanger their own or others' health and safety. The Team is designed to provide information, recommendations and referrals to those dealing with threatening or disruptive situations. It does not adjudicate, discipline or impose sanctions against any member of the campus community, nor does it provide or mandate treatment and, therefore is not a disciplinary body.

  • The team:

Responds to behavior assessing whether a person poses a risk to self or others;

Makes recommendations for response to circumstances of violence, threatening behavior, unwanted pursuit, or harassment;

Provides resource information helpful to students, faculty and staff;

Identifies resources for troubled students and personnel and make referrals to appropriate campus and off-campus agencies;

Investigates the situation and recommends appropriate referrals to Student Judicial Program or University Police that may lead to: ongoing monitoring for follow-up and observation of behavior patterns or suspension dismissal, termination of employment, filing of criminal charges;

Make recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs and/or the Vice President for Administration and Finance;

Assess periodically outcomes of actions taken.

Members of the UMBC community may contact and consult with BRACT members, whose contact information is listed below:

Robert Deluty, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, 410-455-2420, deluty@umbc.edu

Paul Dillon, Deputy Chief of UMBC Police Department, 410-707-6012, pdillon@umbc.edu

Bruce Herman, Director, Counseling Center, 410-455-2472, bherman@umbc.edu

Kim Leisey, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, 410-455-2393, leisey@umbc.edu

Valerie A. Thomas, Associate Vice President, Human Resources, 410-455-3142valerie.thomas@umbc.edu

Christopher Tkacik, University Counsel, 410-455-2870, tkacik@umbc.edu