Faculty Syllabus Insert

Faculty members play an important role in the lives of students that extends beyond the teaching of course material. The staff of the UMBC Counseling Center recognizes faculty’s potential to influence student’s attitudes about mental health care. We know the stigma about accessing mental health services cause some students to suffer needlessly. Therefore, we invite you to partner with us to identify students at risk, reach out to them, or to report your concerns.  We have a Just in Case Faculty App to assist you with this.

In an effort to prevent potential negative outcome of students in distress, the enclosed statement was generated as a guide for faculty to consider including in their syllabi.

Syllabus Insert:

Diminished mental health can interfere with optimal academic performance. The source of symptoms might be related to your course work; if so, please speak with me. However, problems with other parts of your life can also contribute to decreased academic performance. UMBC provides cost-free and confidential mental health services through the Counseling Center to help you manage personal challenges that threaten your personal or academic well-being.     

Remember, getting help is a smart and courageous thing to do -- for yourself and for those who care about you. For more resources get the Just in Case mental health resources Mobile and Web App. This app can be accessed by clicking: http://counseling.umbc.edu/justincase

The UMBC Counseling Center is in the Student Development & Success Center (between Chesapeake and Susquehanna Halls). Phone: 410-455-2472. Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.

Imagine the spontaneous dialogue that might ensue on the first day of class following the open-ended question: “what keeps people from seeking counseling when its benefits have been proven?” or, “what are some of the things you‘ve heard from others that reinforce the stigma about accessing mental health care?”

Reducing the stigma about accessing mental health care can lead to a culture on the UMBC campus where students seek professional help when it is needed. We invite you to work with us toward reducing the stigma about accessing mental health care so that students are not afraid to seek professional help by adding the above statement about mental health care to your syllabus

Counseling Center Staff